Tips For Improving Your Contemporary Dancing

November 12, 2013
Contemporary Dance is one of the most popular forms of dance and continues to be one of the dominating performance genres globally. With hit shows like So You Think You Can Dance, its popularity continues to mount as choreographers and dancers go full out to unfold a story that touches us all in some way. Its beauty is in the fusion of modern, ballet and jazz styles of dance. There is a maximum of expression and interpretation with a foundation of solid technique and control.

If you are interested in becoming a contemporary dancer, or, if you are currently a contemporary dancer and are looking to improve, consider the following:
  1. Listen to the music and feel the rhythm as well as what it is saying to you
  2. Allow yourself to bring your truth into the dance
  3. Let your muscles relax when dancing yet still control them
  4. Finish your movements – always
  5. Let the energy go beyond the movement. When you think you can’t go further take it one step more
  6. Watch some other dancers, and learn. It helps
  7. Take class and practice
  8. Consider combining your contemporary classes with ballet classes. While not a must, it can only help things come easier and more naturally

Contemporary dance is gorgeous. If you are dancing contemporary dance with all your heart and soul. We would love to see your story.